Mikyh McFly presents "Industry Fix"

Randomness x Style x Creativity
Photobucket"Mikyh Mcfly" is an energetic & creative fashion bloggist, who recently discovered his love for “shop-blogging”. Engaging friends and family in helping spread the word on whats hot and what's not is the “goal”. And also making sure that the product they buy are worth the cost and fashionable as well.

Through Mikyh McFly & “THE ” you will be able to discover what you truly enjoy about fashion. Wether its men, women, kids apparel, accessories, music etc, this site will build a true connection between the product and its customers.

Look forward to experiencing the culture you love with a interactive marketing twist, and having fun with fashion, music, friends, and family. Until then “BYOUNG, BFLY, BFRESH”.

Peace my FlyMatez,

Mikyh McFly


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